Greenapple Organic Pinky Quinoa Milk 红颜米奶




  • 营养均衡。
  • 补气提神。
  • 养血安神。


  1. 补气提神的红枣精华配以营养均衡的有机小小米,大豆以及燕麦让你精神焕发,明艳照人。
  2. 养血安神的龙眼肉的配方让你面色红润,提升睡眠质量。
  3. 100%有机与天然,不含任何色素,香精,调味料,填充物与防腐剂。
  4. 不含蔗糖,只采用从甜菜根提取的天然甜味,特点是升糖值低(GI32), 释放缓慢,使你一整天保持血糖平稳,精力充沛。


  • 家庭与事业兼顾的现代女性。
  • 想要轻易准备一份营养早餐的人。
  • 面色无华,精神疲乏,晚上却无法安眠的人。
  • 月经量少,淋漓不净的女性。
  • 皮下容易瘀青的人。





  1. 本品用料100%天然,因此无论是颜色,味道和口感都可能因不同的季节而有所不同。
  2. 绝无任何防腐剂,开罐后,请在三个月里用完。
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The main functions of Pinky Quinoa Milk:

  • Nutritional balance.
  • Increase stamina and stay energetic.
  • Regenerate blood and soothe the nerves.

The main features of Pinky Quinoa Milk: 

  1. The main ingredients of this product, such as red dates, organic quinoa and organic whole grain oats make you full of energy and look fresh throughout the day.
  2. The dried longan allows you to look rosy, and improve the quality of sleep.
  3. 100% organic and natural without adding any artificial colours, flavours, creamers, and preservatives.
  4. Sugar free, using only natural sweetener from beetroots, which contains low glycemic index (GI32). It helps to lower blood glucose levels, prevents levels in the blood from rising too high or too rapidly, as well as keeps you energetic throughout the day.

Who needs the most: 

  • Modern women that need to balance family and career.
  • People who want to prepare a simple but nutritious breakfast.
  • People who are mentally or physically tired, but have hard time to fall asleep peacefully at night.
  • Women who have irregular or abnormal menstrual period.
  • People who get bruises easily.

Serving method: 

Add 30gm of Pinky Quinoa Milk into 1/4 cup of drinking water. Then add appropriate amount of hot water. It is ready to be served after stir thoroughly. 3-4 tablespoons of organic whole grain oats can be added if necessary.

Friendly reminder: 

  1. This product contains 100% organic and natural ingredients; therefore the colour and taste may vary due to different seasons.
  2. This product contains no preservatives. Once open, it is best to consume within 3 months.


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