Greenapple Organic Eucommia Leaf Tea 有机杜仲茶



1. 降血压.。哈佛大学教授胡秀英博士曾经说过:“杜仲是世界上最好的天然降压药,它拥有其他降压药不能相比的优点”。
2. 分解脂肪。日本小林制药株式会社于2006年8月5日发表了纯杜仲茶“能减少人体内脏脂肪”。

1. 100%天然杜仲叶。
2. 获得中国,日本和美国的有机认证。
3. 5个国家,12所大学进行过研究及试验证明有效。
4. 不含咖啡因。
5. 入口甘香清醇,没有药味。

1. 高血压患者。
2. 有高血压倾向者。
3. 常应酬,常吃肥甘厚味者。
4. 30岁以后的男人以及绝经后的女士。
5. 想要控制体重者。

1. 把茶袋放入杯子里,加入滾水,焖10分钟后当茶水饮用,可以冲泡两次。
2. 用量:保健,每天一袋。高血压,每天2~3袋。减肥,每天3包。

1. 心脑血管疾病是我国的首号杀手,每年摧毁了数以万计人的健康与幸福家庭。
2. 心脑血管病患者也对家庭,社会以及国家带来长远与沉默的负担。
3. 因为不良的生活习惯, 心脑血管疾病越来越年轻化。
4. 每天饮用Greenapple有机杜仲茶使你安“心”安无烦“脑”!

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Main Features

  1. Lowering blood pressure .. Harvard University professor Dr. Hu Xiuying once said: “Eucommia is the world’s best natural antihypertensive drugs, it has the advantage that can not be compared to other antihypertensive drugs.”
  2. Break down fat. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Japan in August 5, 2006 issued a pure Eucommia can reduce visceral body fat.”

Main Specialties

  1. 100% natural Eucommia leaves
  2. Organic Certification from China, Japan and the United States
  3. 5 countries, 12 universities conducted research and testing to prove it is effective
  4. Decaffeinated
  5. Great fragrance upon drinking

Who needs it?

  1. High blood pressure sufferer
  2. High blood pressure tendencies person
  3. Person consuming lots of fattening food
  4. Men after age of 30 and postmenopausal Women
  5. Person who wants to control body weight

Simple Brewing Method

  1. Put the tea bag into a cup, add boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes then drink. Can make 2 servings
  2. For healthcare, 1 Teabag per day. For blood pressure, 2-3 Teabags per day. For weight loss, 3 Teabags per day.


  1. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in our country, destroying tens of thousands of people’s health and family
  2. Heart disease is also a burden for family and society
  3. Bad habits has lead this disease to younger people

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