Greenapple Organic Power Green Plus 有机麦绿素



1. 清肝解毒。
2. 提供绿色能量。
3. 调整酸碱值。

1. 结合了四种有机麦苗粉,大麦苗,小麦苗,燕麦苗和荞麦苗的独特配方,使抗氧化效果更臻完美。
2. 含天然菊芋果寡糖,口感天然。
3. 无糖配方,适合任何人士。
4. 四种麦苗粉皆获得美国,欧洲以及日本的有机认证。

1. 绿色入肝,绿色解毒;对要保持肝脏功能良好的人特别重要,如喝酒,抽烟,夜睡,紧张,压力,急躁易怒,偏头痛,口舌生疮,暗疮,肝斑。
2. 经常外食,以及绿色食物摄取量不足的人士。

1. 在摇杯里加入200毫升的冷开水。
2. 加入两茶匙的麦绿素,摇均匀后便可饮用。

1. 避免使用热水,避免用金属器皿冲泡,以免氧化。
2. 保健,早晚一杯。必要时可以加倍饮用。
3. 开罐后30天内喝完效果最好。


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Main Features

  1. Liver detoxification.
  2. Provide green energy.
  3. To adjust pH level

Main Specialties

  1. Combines a unique formula from four organic powders such as barley grass, wheat grass, oats and buckwheat into a perfect antioxidant
  2. Contains natural inulin which makes it tasty
  3. Sugar-free recipes, suitable for any person
  4. Four types of grass powder with organic certification obtained from United States, Europe and Japan

Who needs it?

  1. Important for a person to maintain good liver function especially if the person is involve with drinking, smoking, late sleep, tension, stress, migraine, mouth sores, acne and liver spots.
  2. Good for person always eating outside food

Simple brewing method

  1. Fill shake cup with 200 ml of cold water
  2. Add two teaspoons of power green, shake well then drink


  1. Avoid using hot water and metal utensils to avoid oxidation
  2. Drink twice a day, morning and night for healthcare
  3. Finish drinking it in 30 days for maximum effectiveness

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