Greenapple Original Red Job’s Tear Powder 原味红薏仁粉



1. 清热利尿。
2. 祛湿,健脾开胃。
3. 美白肌肤。

1. 采用天然红薏仁,营养丰富,是集美容与药用食粮。
2. 未经去麸的红薏仁,保留了原色原味,也保存了它丰富的营养与天然矿物质。
3. 100%天然红薏仁,无糖配方,适合一家大小。

1. 对尿道感染引起的尿频,尿灼热非常有效。
2. 热性病,胃口欠佳者。红薏仁粉营养丰富,即可清热,健脾开胃亦可恢复体力。
3. 高尿酸者,用300cc温水冲调后加入半粒柠檬汁,早晚一杯,几天后便可把尿酸排出。
4. 冲调后加入老姜茶,可以祛湿,除痹止痛,对关节烦痛者非常有效。
5. 想要拥有美白肌肤者。

1. 成年人,每次四茶匙,儿童减半,小儿一匙,一天两次。
2. 可以直接用热水冲服,亦可加入任何热饮料,如牛奶,豆奶,汤或粥里。

1. 红薏仁粉的利水作用较强,怀孕初期以及多尿者不宜饮用。

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Main Features

  1. Cooling and diuretic
  2. Strengthen spleen and raise appetite
  3. Skin whitening

Main Specialties

  1. Using natural red barley which is a nutritious food that helps in medicine and beautification
  2. Without removing red barley’s bran,it retains the primary flavor and preserve its rich nutrition and natural minerals.
  3. 100% natural red barley, sugar-free recipes, suitable for all people

Who needs it?

  1. Frequent urination caused by urinary infection
  2. Those with poor appetite. Red nutritious barley flour can recuperate spleen and boost appetite
  3. Person with high uric acid. Add the powder into 300cc warm water with half a lemon juice. Drink a cup of it in the morning and night, uric acid will be gone after a few days.
  4. Add the powder into ginger tea can be effective against joints pain
  5. Those who want to whiten their skin


  1. Adults, 4 teaspoons each, children 2 teaspoons , babies 1 teaspoon (twice a day)
  2. Can be used directly with hot water or added into any hot beverages such as milk, soy milk, soup or porridge.


  1. Red barley flour is strong diuresis, early stage of pregnancy and frequent urine persons are not advised to drink.

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