Greenapple Original Bamboo Salt 九烤竹盐



1. 补充矿物质与微量元素。
2. 转酸为碱。
3. 清热消炎。

1. 100%采用韩国九烤竹盐。
2. 严格经过九次烧烤,大量地吸收了竹子,矿物泥与松木的能量和微量元素。
3. 细粉状,容易溶解,利于吸收和使用。

1. 常觉疲劳,嗜睡,无精打采者。
2. 酸性体质者,每天饮用可以改变酸性体质。
3. 运动或工作后,大量流汗者。
4. 热性病如咽喉疼痛等患者。

1. 成年人,每次半茶匙,儿童三分一茶匙,一天二至三次。
2. 可以冲水服用,亦可加入任何饮料,如果汁,豆奶,汤或粥里;撒在水果或沙拉上别有风味。

1. 混合少量的清水,睡前擦在暗疮上,可以使暗疮快速消炎,不留痕迹。
2. 烫伤时,可用竹盐混水清洗患处,可清热,消炎,止痛。

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Main Features

  1. Supplementary minerals and elements
  2. Transform acidic body to alkaline
  3. Cooling effect

Main Specialties

  1. 100% Korean nine roasted bamboo salt
  2. Strictly ran through nine times of barbecue, a large portion of bamboo, minerals and elements are absorbed into the salt
  3. Fine powder which is easily dissolved that helps in absorb and usage

Who needs it?

  1. Person often feeling fatigue and lethargic
  2. Person with acidic body, daily consumption can help change the body type
  3. After exercise or work that causes a lot of sweat
  4. Sore throat patients


  1. Adults, half teaspoon, Children one-third teaspoon  (2-3 times a day)
  2. Can be added into any drinks, fruit juice, soy milk, soup or porridge. Sprinkle on fruits or salads to make them more tasty


  1. Mix a small amount of water, rub it on pimples before going to bed, you can quickly cure inflammatory acne and leave no trace behind
  2. When burned, use bamboo salt mixed with water to clean the affected area, can soothe the pain and cure the inflammatory area

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