Greenapple Organic Sachia Chia Seed (Promotion 2 Bottle Package) 有机奇异籽

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1. 调整荷尔蒙。
2. 滋润头发和肌肤。
3. 预防心血管疾病。

1. 产自墨西哥的有机奇异籽,是自然界含Omega-3最丰富的天然食物。
2. 它Omega-3和Omega-6的比例是3:1,正好可以调整现代饮食的高Omega-6, Omega-3却严重缺乏的现象。
3. 获得德国,欧洲和美国有机认证。

1. 对女人, Omega-3能调整荷尔蒙,能延缓更年期综合症,使皮肤和头发滋润亮丽。
2. 对男人, Omega-3 能分解饱和脂肪,能预防心血管毛病。
3. 对小孩和老人, Omega-3能帮助智力成长,预防脑力退化。

1. 把1至2汤匙奇异籽加1500毫升的冷开水,摇均匀后十分钟后便可饮用。
2. 把浸泡好的奇异籽加入豆奶,果汁或天然糖浆里,又美味又营养。

1. Omega-3的冒烟点是47度,因此避免使用热水浸泡。
2. 浸泡好的奇异籽必须当天喝完。

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Main Features

  1. Hormones adjustment
  2. Moisturize hair and skin
  3. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Main Specialties

  1. Organic exotic seeds from Mexico which contains the most abundant natural Omega-3
  2. Its ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 are 3:1, this can adjust the serious imbalance of  Omega-3 and Omega-6 in modern diet
  3. Organic certification from German, European and U.S.

Who needs it?

  1. For women, Omega-3 can adjust hormones which delay menopause and keep skin,hair moist and bright
  2. For men, Omega-3 can decompose saturated fat and prevent cardiovascular problems
  3. For children and the elderly, Omega-3 can help intellectual growth and prevent mental deterioration

Simple brewing method

  1. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Organic Sachia Chia Seeds into 1500 ml of cold water, shake well then drink after ten minutes
  2. Organic Sachia Chia Seed can be soaked and added into soy milk, fruit juice or natural syrup to make it more delicious and nutritious


  1. Omega-3‘s smoke point is 47 degrees, so avoid using hot water to soak it
  2. Organic Sachia Chia Seed soaked must be taken on that day

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